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Kenefick Ave is a street in South Buffalo running between South Park Avenue and Abbott Road.  The street was named after Judge Daniel J. Kenefick.  Judge Kenefick is the author of the Buffalo City Charter, which was written in 1927.

Judge Kenefick was born in the Old First Ward in 1863.  He attended Buffalo City Schools, graduated from Central High School in 1881 and studied law in the Buffalo office of Congressman Richard Crowley.  He served as assistant district attorney and district attorney of Erie County and also was Justice of the New York State Supreme Court.  He served as director of the Buffalo Niagara Electric Company.  The Judge lived at 841 Delaware Avenue, at the corner of Barker Avenue.  841 Delaware Avenue is the current location of the Himalayan Institute, but I am not 100% sure that this is the same building which the Judge lived in.

Judge Kenefick grew up in the Old First Ward.  He married Maysie Germain of the Germain Family of Buffalo. He grew up alongside developer John F. Burke.  Mr. Burke grew up to become a developer and developed the part of South Buffalo where Kenefick Avenue is located.  Mr. Burke honored his boyhood friend by naming Kenefick Avenue after him.


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Finally, a new entry!  Thanks for holding tight while I dealt with my unexpected move and got all my stuff in order.

Today, instead of talking about a specific street I want to talk about my new apartment.  Interestingly enough, the history of one street will actually come into play as well.  I lived on Franklin Street prior to this move.  This move brought me further downtown, so far downtown that I actually live within the boundaries of the Joseph Ellicott 1804 Plan of Buffalo.  Being the history buff, I am, I couldn’t resist doing some historical research of the plot of land I now call home.

Delaware Ave Row Houses...possibly what my block looked like in 1890

I’m amazed at how much history exists in my little plot of land that’s not even a quarter of an acre.  My building was built in 1932.  It’s currently a restaurant with four apartments above it.  Historically, in the 1890s, there were row houses on the property, and likely houses before that.


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Hodge Avenue runs approximately a half-mile between Delaware Avenue and Ashland Avenue.  Like many of the streets in the Elmwood Village, Hodge Street is lined with beautiful homes and large stately trees.  It’s hard to imagine the City of Buffalo without it’s street trees.  Although, the trees might not even be there if it wasn’t for the Hodge family….


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